To inform airspace and aerodrome users of Jurien Bay and D174 of the intention to create a Skydiving Cloud Manual.  

The issue

The Skydive Jurien Bay cloud Manual is proposed to allow Parachute Jumping Exercises to occur in partial IMC conditions, this proposal will affect airspace users who operate at or below FL150 through the IFR waypoint BUVEL or planed via YJUR.  

Skydive Jurien Bay operates 2 drop zones within 2nm of the YJUR ARP, these drop zones are completely contained within Danger zone 174 which has a 3nm radius from the YJUR ARP and extends from the surface to FL150. The BUVEL IFR waypoint lies within D174 and is occasionally used by light IFR aircraft below FL150. 

Skydive Jurien Bay has collected traffic data from pilot observation and determined that traffic numbers through the YJUR area and D174 are very light. 

We are proposing to create a cloud manual that allows operations to continue when VMC conditions are not present. Operations will only commence During Daylight hours, when the cloud base is above 3000ft AMSL and a visual spotter will be present on the ground to confirm the DZ is clear of traffic before a drop is carried out. ATC clearance will also be obtained from Melbourne Centre in the form of a traffic statement for VFR ops and a clearance to drop through Class E when IFR.

AvSEF members are welcome to provide feedback on our intention to create a Skydiving Cloud Manual. Please see attached paper for further information.

Submitted by: 

Andrew Cosgrove - Line Pilot, Skydive Jurien Bay

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