Gloucester Glide 2024

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    Open advisory
    26 days remaining
    Start 27/07/2024
    AEST 10:00
    End 04/08/2024
    AEST 17:00

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    William John  Bartlett
    Central Coast Soaring Club

    Intensive Glider operations will take place in the vicinity of Gloucester aircraft landing area (YGCR). YGCR is at a bearing of 240 degrees magnetic, 29 n mile from Taree aerodrome.



    Gliding operations will take place within an area bounded by straight lines joining WARDS RIVER (321318S 1515612E), MONKERAI UPPER (321430S 1515049E), UPPER BOWMAN (315521S 1514650E), BUNDOOK (315343S 1520722E), BUNDOCK MOUNTAIN (315830S 1520500E) and WARDS RIVER (321318S 1515612E).

    VERTICAL LIMITS: Surface to 10,000 feet. HOURS OF ACTIVITY: DAILY 2300 to 0730 UTC. 

    Existing airspace categories apply. Up to 15 gliders and one tug aircraft. An AIP SUP for this event is in progress.

    ygcr erc
    ygcr vnc


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    William John Bartlett
    Central Coast Soaring Club