Military Exercise Diamond Shield - March 2024

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    Elements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) will be conducting Exercise ‘DIAMOND SHIELD 2024 (DSD24)’ over the period 11 – 27 March 2024.

    The issue

    This proposal notes the following key issues:

    • Activation of multiple Temporary Military Operating Areas (MOAs) in addition to permanent Amberley/Williamtown/EAXA Special Use Airspace (SUA) off the NSW/South QLD coast.
    • Activation of multiple Airspace Reservation corridors to link disparate SUA/TM volumes near the Sydney and Brisbane areas. Potential imposition of some level requirements to aircraft departing/arriving at Sydney and Brisbane to/from the east/off-shore.
    • Multiple air routes affected, with diversion routes to be published in AIP SUP.
    • Non-participant access to TM limited to aircraft with an in-flight emergency or those with priority status engaged in preservation of life operations (ie MEDEVAC, SAR, FFR).


    Elements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) will be conducting Exercise ‘DIAMOND SHIELD 2024 (DSD24)’ over the period 11 – 27 March 2024.
    JACC requests feedback on proposed Temporary MOAs, Temporary Danger Area (TDA), and Airspace Reservations, located off the QLD/NSW coast between Brisbane and Sydney, in support of DSD24.


    This proposal includes:

    • Six Temporary MOAs

      • TM ‘SHACKLE ABC’
      • TM ‘PINBALL’
      • TM ‘CRANKY’
      • TM ‘LIONS’ 
    • One Temporary Danger Area
      • TDA ‘TINY’ 
    • Three Airspace Reservations (AIR RES)
      • AIR RES ‘SWANS’

    These areas extend and/or connect existing permanent special use airspace to enable dynamic and unpredictable military flying operations over a large area of operations whilst ensuring continued safe and deconflicted aviation operations for non-participants.

    The airspace dimensions are subject to amendment following the receipt of feedback and outcomes of industry consultation; stakeholders should await the future AIP SUP (expected promulgation February 2024) for definitive dimensions and charting.

    Airspace Access: During NOTAM activation periods, access by non-exercise aircraft to permanent and temporary restricted areas in support of this activity will not be available, with the exception of:

    • aircraft with a declared emergency, or
    • when pre-coordinated with the Controlling Authority, for flights operating in the preservation of life or property (SAR, MED, POL or FFR).

    See attachment for maps, summary of permanent and temporary airspace volumes including dimensions, and proposed airspace activation windows.

    Submitted by

    Joint Airspace Control Cell Australian Defence Force

    Relevant documentation

    21 November 2023

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    See AIC H37/23 for guidance on the Introduction of Military Operating Areas and Transitional Arrangements: