Notification of intent: Parachute Descents through cloud at Hillman Farm Airport

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    Closed advisory
    Start 25/02/2022
    AEDT 22:00
    End 18/03/2022
    AEDT 22:00

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    Johannes  Debler
    Hillman Farm Skydivers Inc.

    To advise that Hillman Farm Skydivers is seeking approval from the Australian Parachute Federation (APF) to perform parachute descents through cloud at Hillman Farm Airport, Darkan WA 6392.

    The issue

    In accordance with Australian Parachute Federation Regulatory Schedule 60, Hillman Farm Skydivers Inc. is developing and applying for a Cloud Jumping Parachute Manual (CJPM) to be used for PJE operations.

    Submitted by

    Hillman Farm Skydivers Inc.

    Relevant documentation

    12 May 2022