Proposed Military Temporary Restricted Area 'SCHERGER'

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    Closed consultation
    Start 28/06/2024
    AEST 10:00
    End 12/07/2024
    AEST 17:00

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    Joint Airspace Control Cell   Royal Australian Air Force
    Australian Defence Force

    The Joint Airspace Control Cell is requesting feedback on the proposed Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) 'SCHERGER' for activation from the 23 to 28 August 2024.

    The issue

    • Activation of the YBSG Class C CTR will result in additional clearance requirements for YBWP operators
    • Intent to reduce military impact on the departure and approach paths of YBWP
    • Protecting civil airspace users from military activities planned at YBSG.


    TRA ‘SCHERGER’ is proposed for the period 23 to 28 August 2024 inclusive, with activation of up to 8 hours per day to cater for military exercise activities occurring at RAAF Base Scherger (YBSG). This airspace is requested as an alternative to the extant Scherger CTR in order to reduce the impact upon civil operators into Weipa Aerodrome (YBWP) as well as protect civil airspace users from the military activities planned in the vicinity of YBSG.


    Conditional Status: RA2
    Military Flying
    Lateral Limits: 122246S 1420145E then along the clockwise arc of a circle radius 15.00NM centre 123726S 1420514E (YBSG/AD) –125059S 1421156E – 124112S 1420151E then along the clockwise arc of a circle radius 5.00NM centre 123726S 1420514E (YBSG/AD) –123638S 1420011E – 122246S 1420145E
    Vertical Limits: SFC-4000 AMSL
    Hours of Activity: NOTAM
    Controlling Authority: 44WG Mobile Air Operations Team

    Hours of activity are expected to be from 8 am to 4 pm local from the 23 to 28 August 2024.

    Access by non-exercise aircraft to TRA ‘SCHERGER’ will not be available except in cases of a declared emergency, radio failure, participating in activities for the preservation of life and property (SAR, MED, POL or FFR) or if required for aircraft conducting IFP in IMC.

    Additional details pertaining to airspace access and frequency management between YBSG and YBWP will be detailed in the associated AIP SUP.

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    SO2 Airspace Plans Joint Airspace Control Cell