Proposed TRAs for Rocket Launch Activities at Sleaford

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    Closed consultation
    Start 08/09/2023
    AEST 09:00
    End 21/09/2023
    AEST 14:00

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    Eamon  Lawson
    Southern Launch

    To seek feedback from airspace users on any impact to their flight operations from 2 proposed Temporary Restricted Areas (TRAs).

    The issue

    • 2 rocket launches between 31 October 2023 and 14 November 2023.
    • 2 proposed TRAs.
    • The implementation of multiple activity times, managed by Airservices Australia, to maintain safe airspace use and minimise the effect of launch operations on other airspace users.


    To seek comments from airspace users regarding proposed TRAs to accommodate 2 rocket launches, particularly:

    • the potential impact of the proposed TRAs upon their flight operations; and
    • post-event, any measured effect from the TRAs.

    The Australian launch services provider Southern Launch has sought approval from CASA to establish 2 TRAs to ensure airspace safety during the launch of 2 sub-orbital rockets on separate days between 31 October and 14 November 2023.

    The launches are proposed to occur from the Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex (WWOLC) Pad 1 Launch Pad (-34.9339°, 135.6422°), located in Sleaford, South Australia 5607. The rockets will fly a southward trajectory from the launch pad over water and return to Earth within the Great Australian Bight. To ensure safe separation between the rockets and aircraft, Southern Launch proposes to employ a series of 2 TRAs for both launches:

    • pre-launch TRA: extending from surface to an unlimited (SFC-UNL) height above the launch pad, with the area boundary indicated in Figure 1. The proposed pre-launch TRA will be controlled by Southern Launch while hazardous operations are being undertaken; and
    • launch TRA: from SFC-UNL, controlled by Airservices Australia, extending along the planned launch trajectory. This is proposed to be implemented upon the final confirmation to proceed with the launch.

    Southern Launch will provide Airservices Australia with advance notice of a target launch window(s) on a given day so that appropriate NOTAMs may be promulgated. On launch day, Southern Launch’s Area Controller will confirm that the launch will be attempted within 1 or more of these windows and request confirmation that the TRAs will be enforced for the duration of the launch attempt.

    Southern Launch will also broadcast into the blind on the Port Lincoln Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) once a TRA is activated.

    Figure 1. Boundaries of the proposed pre-launch TRA.


    Figure 2. Boundaries of the proposed launch TRA.

    Please note: TRA dimensions are yet to be finalised and may change - interested stakeholders should refer to NOTAMs for final dimensions.

    Submitted by

    Scott Schneider
    Southern Launch