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    Christopher  Thorpe
    Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome Management

    Aircraft operating at low level in the vicinity of Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome (YBSS) are frequently receiving low-level broadcasts from Shepparton aerodrome (YSHT).

    The issue

    • Increase in broadcasts not relevant to YBSS operations.
    • Transmissions from YSHT have the potential to increase risk at YBSS due to misinterpretation.
    • Impaired situational awareness through degraded radio alerted see-and-avoid.


    YBSS is a very busy regional aerodrome with an average, over the last two years, of 48,000 movements per annum (refer summary reports attached). This is about 4000 movements less than Essendon. It is the base of operations for two Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 141 training organisations, three Gliding Federation of Australia affiliated gliding clubs and several recreational and aerobatic aircraft operators. Most of the movements are training flights.

    YBSS is situated at the Western entry/exit point for visual flight rules aircraft transiting East/West, and three different height Controlled Airspace (CTA) steps intersect within a short distance of the YBSS aerodrome. Two of these Steps intersect immediately above the Eastern end of runway 27/09. Itinerant aircraft often overfly in the vicinity of the aerodrome to remain outside CTA, which contributes to congestion.

    In the past 18 months pilots flying at low level in the vicinity of YBSS have reported receiving low-level transmissions from YSHT. These pilots are concerned that the additional and irrelevant transmissions will increase risk and degrade the protections offered by radio alerted see-and-avoid procedures at YBSS.

    Figure 1. YBSS movement estimates 
    Figure 2. Data of movement numbers for YBSS


    We ask industry to consider the merit of allocating a separate and distinct common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) to either YBSS or YSHT aerodrome.

    Submitted by

    Christopher Thorpe
    Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome Management