Temporary Restricted Airspace - Learmonth Air Weapons Range

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    Joint Airspace  Control Cell

    Ex Lead Foot will occur from RAAF Learmonth in Aug and Sep 2024. Ex Lead Foot requires airspace above the Learmponth Air Weapons Range (LAWR) to contain various dangerous activities.

    The issue

    • Extant airspace does not support ground firing activities 
    • Temporary Restricted Airspace (TRA) will be active coincident with other partial activations to support other Air Force Training 
    • Air routes will remain available for access to RAAF Learmonth.


    Proposed TRA to conduct activities not supported within extant airspace


    To achieve the objectives of the activity a TRA, wholly contained within the bounds of R860 and M869, is required with both support to flying and non-flying buffers required around the LAWR. The airspace is approximately 18 nm x 18 nm and will be active by NOTAM up to A070 for up to 12-hour periods between 1 to 31 August 2024.

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    Joint Airspace Control Cell

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    10 July 2024